Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project 365 - Day 60: We're Gonna Kick the Woo Outta You!

And tonight they did at their opening game of the soccer season. Quite handily. The subject line is part of a cheer they made up. Too funny. Hopefully it will warm up soon so I don't freeze my fingers off being a Soccer Mom!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project 365 - Day 59: Rain, Rain...

...go away...

This is me at Gavin's soccer game where it was raining on and off. I was so not happy to be sitting there and luckily, they cut the game short. Here's hoping for warmer weather sometime this decade. Please?

Project 365 - Day 58: Scans, Momuments and Haircuts, OH MY!

Highlights from the day:

- Having a cat scan done on my eye.
- This monument at a nearby cache that I could not find (but it was a nice diversion before and after my cat scan).
- Getting a new haircut and color.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Project 365 - Day 57: Let the Games Begin!

'Tis the season for Soccer Moms to come out of hibernation (and its still cold out, we don't want too at least not yet). But tonight it began, at least for my son and boy, was he excited! He's got a real penchant to play goalie and he made some saves, a couple of passes and even scored a goal of which he was most proud of! Most of all, I'm happy that he was excited to be there and wants to go back on Wednesday!

Project 365 - Day 56: HanTana?

This afternoon, Tana and I and a few of her classmates went to see the Hannah Montana movie and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it. A good message, some tender moments and some really good laughs. All in all, a good outing! Pictured to the right is our ticket stub and its likely that the actual ticket stub, will go into the album!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project 365 - Day 55: On My Walk Back from The Oakwood...

...I saw this cruising along the Red River. I *think* it was a beaver and its just not often you see a beaver cruising down the Red. The mighty high Red, I might add. My walk home after supper was awesome.(not to mention I've introduced new patrons to The Oakwood when the Queen, MHz and I went there a couple of weeks ago)

And at The Oakwood, I ran into 1Q4J (1Queenand4Jokers) who are currently evacuated from their home in Rosenort due to the flood. The Queen and her family are remarkably upbeat for a family that has had to live out of their suitcase in a hotel for the last few weeks and for possibly the next few! My hat is off to them for their positive attitude and being able to keep things in perspective when the going gets tough.

Project 365 - Day 54: Mmm, sammich!

"Daddy, why did you make this sammich?"

"So I could eat it, Gavin."

"Well, why didn't you?"

LOL!! Too funny. Needless to say, Daddy didn't get a single bite of this half of the sammich.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Project 365 - Day 53: Second Rate

This is *not* the picture I wanted to post for today but the picture I wanted to post, might be a "spoiler" for any cacher friends reading this blog!

So instead, here's the haul that the kids came home from Dollarama with. When my daughter has money, it seems like its always burning a hole in her pocket and she has to spend it. Teaching her the value of a dollar seems to be an effort in futility so far.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Project 365 - Day 52: A Hairball of A Day!

So Boots had herself a day.

- Our street was being cleaned and Papa took her outside but she was so skittish from the noise, she managed to wrangle herself out of her harness and collar and make her way into the back porch while he was reading his book.

- My sister in law brought Woody (as seen in the picture) over after his visit to the groomer's. Boots doesn't care for Woody much and his last visit here led him to have a piece taken out of his schnoze! We kept a close eye on Boots as she stalked him around the house.

- Later on after Thomas left for hockey, I let her out into the back porch, not realizing the back door wasn't fully closed. I went to check on her and notice the door is slightly ajar. I glance outside to see a cat but not Boots. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Not only is she outside (which she likes but not used to at night), but there's another cat in her yard. Breaking up cat fights is not my forte but luckily she came to me willingly.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow, Bootsie!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Project 365 - Day 51: Collage!

My daughter and her "projects". This one she called a collage and she started out making her with different magazine pictures and body parts. Then she added her brother, me and her Dad. Very cute! I especially love the hair she gave me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 365 - Day 50: La Soiree!

*This* was the highlight of my day! The Chicago Blackhawks vs The Calgary Flames. It started at 8:30 so the kids were in bed and I was able to enjoy every single moment of hard hitting action, gritty hockey, nice passes and sweet goals!! This is the best first round series so far (IMHO) and I can't wait until Game 4 on Wed night! The only bad thing about this series is that one team is going to be eliminated and I hate to cheer against a Canadian team but I gotta cheer for my hometown boy! Go Johnny!

Project 365 - Day 49: Lazy Sunday!

It's 3:40 on Sunday afternoon and Gavin says to me "What are we doing today, don't we have any plans?" Nope, this is about it buddy. Sometimes you just need those days at home where you read, watch some tv, place some games and putter around. This was one of those days.

Project 365 - Day 48: Scrapping!

Went to a friend's tonight for some scrapping time as well as for the yakking, the food, the laughs, the music, the hockey and the whole nine yards! Here's the page I completed for my hubby. I'll frame it for our wall. Its the one and only time Gavin was at Redditt. Sigh. On the right hand side of the picture is a quote from Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. "Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose" How true that is. I miss that place so much, I can't put it into words but I will always remember.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Project 365 - Day 47: The LRSD Film Festival

Last night was the inaugural Film Festival for the Louis Riel School Division of which my daughter and some of her classmates had a film entered in. A film which they wrote the script for, acted in and filmed all themselves based on an incident which happened to one of them a few years ago. It was quite exciting for them as they had official pictures taken and the red carpet was rolled out for all participants before the festival started. We are all very proud of our kids for participating in and making such a great film!

Project 365 - Day 46: And so it starts...

..the road to Lord Stanley's Cup! Hold all our calls until June and may the best team win (both in our hockey pool and in the real thing!)

Project 365 - Day 45: Data Bah

Finally a beautiful spring day leads to the first bike ride/walk to our local Dairy Queen (Data Bah as I used to call it when I was knee high to a grasshoper and no short jokes from those of you playing along at home). Good times, my friends, good times. Watching my son try to ride that scooter was priceless.

Project 365 - Day 44: My Roux...!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 365 - Day 43: Happy Easter!

Okay, so I *meant* to take the camera with me to Gasthaus Gutenberger when we went to brunch their today but alas, I forgot. Brunch was good, no need of supper.

Instead, here's a picture of Gavin showing me one of the 12 "eggs" that the Easter bunny left him in their Easter Egg hunt at Cha-Cha & Charlie's.

It must be noted that my son was willing to share his goodies with his mother while his sister was not! Mama's boy!

Project 365 - Day 42: #2500

Spent the Saturday of Easter weekend caching with two caching friends, MHz and 1Q4J. 18 finds in all as we toured around Winnpeg, St Francis Xavier, and Eli and here's a shot of MHz at her 2500th cache find! It was a nice day with many laughs, finishing off with dinner at The Oakwood Cafe on Osborne!

MHz will be equally pleased as this post is on Day 42 of Project 365 which happens to be her favorite number! Congrats on 2500!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Project 365 - Day 41: Could It Be...

...spring at last? This picture is a good sign its on the way. Bicycles, scooters, and kids races in the driveway...oh and scaped chins when falling off bikes! Riding through snow is never a good idea but that's what Tana did. She cried, she bled and she'll be bruised.

But what an afternoon it was. A speed stacks competition (which had some minor issues), boys playing hockey with the help of Mommy (me), cupcakes, some DS playing and laughter and good times with friends. May there be many more times like this this upcoming year!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project 365 - Day 40: Glassware in Aisle 3!

At our "Not-So-Karaoke" event tonight for the MBGA, I was totally entertained by the guy who dropped his beer and then about 15-20 people proceeded to walk right through the glass, high heels and all. And so this is what alcohol does to people! Finally somebody came to clean it up before somebody got hurt.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project 365 - Day 39: On the Way to Work...

...this little fella was hanging out by the entrance to my building. His cheeks were crammed with something.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Project 365 - Day 38: Couch Potatoes!

Here's how our time was spent before the kids went to bed. They'd had friends over and were busy playing but when they left, we chilled out and watched the end of the Habs game (they lost 3-1), did some reading, and headed off to bed. The kids, not us.

Eye Update: Its not infected but there is a "stye" on the inside of the lower lid pressing on the eye and causing the discomfort. I have drops and towelettes which will hopefully take care of the problem and if not, off to my specialist I go!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Project 365 - Day 37: The Eye

So, I'm blind in one eye, my left eye. Nice way to start this post off eh?

Well for the past week, I've had a bit of an issue with my right eye. It doesn't hurt, it just feels tight once in a while in the outer corner of my eye. Tight or pressured like, I can't describe it. At any rate, it was the focus of my day today. I called my eye doctor and she's not in til tomorrow so hopefully she can squeeze me in 'cause she is booked solid. I am getting a little concerned about it as I only have the one good eye. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project 365 - Day 36: The WSSA?

Did you all know there is a WSSA and what it stands for? Its the World Sport Stacking Association and until a few months ago, I didn't know speed stacking existed and apparently my daughter's teacher next year teaches cup stacking to her Grade 4's.
Tana got a set for her birthday last week and spent a better part of 4 hours today stacking cups! She even wants to have some friends over to have a speed stacking competition, complete with prizes! I myself, won't be participating in that as I need some serious help in the speed stacking portion of my life. From what I can tell, though, its a great activity to help with concentration, hand eye co-ordination and any activity like that can only be a good thing!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Project 365 - Day 35: An Age Old Rivalry

Between driving my kids around (they have busier social lives than I do) and cleaning bathrooms (I almost posted a picture of my nice clean sink), today was a crazy day! But...

Its the Saturday Night Classic on HNIC (minus the anthem but we won't go into that) and its been going on for years before I was even born but now in our house, we have opposing sides as you can tell by the jersey's. A heated hockey rivalry turns into a good natured bet in our house. Les Habitants won this one, 6-2.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Project 365 - Day 34: O Canada

Tonight, the choir from my daughter's school, Dr. D.W. Penner, was going to be singing the National Anthem at the Manitoba Moose game and sure, its not Carnegie Hall or anything but what a thrill! They were awesome and I think everybody in our little group had a good time. Its a good thing we were all together because otherwise we would have annoyed a lot of people (my apologies to anybody we might have annoyed).

And this isn't the best picture but its the best I could get with my camera. Tana is third from the left in the front row (as you're facing them)

Oh yeah...the Moose lost the game 2-1. Sort of forgot about that part!

Project 365 - Day 33: The End of An Era

Tonight was the series finale of ER and for 15 years I've watched this show! 15 years and I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me - truly it did. The characters were like friends, companions. I got to know them - their likes, dislikes, idiosyncracies, you name it. Characters came - and went - but I always watched, faithfully and like all my other favorites (Frasier, Party of Five, Felicity) its over. I guess all good things must come to an end but ER, know that you will be missed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project 365 - Day 32: April Fools

NOT! This ain't no joke!

Over the past 24 hours we have had about 20 cms of snow fall on our city with a snowfall warning in effect (though I'm not sure its in effect anymore). Thomas shovelled the driveway and the snow was heavy and wet. He made this snowman with it. I think we've had more snow fall in the last couple of weeks than we have all winter. Crazy.