Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 - Day 24: In...

...progress! Socks, drinks and brushes, Oh My!

2010 - Day 23: Crazy Day

Today was a crazy day filled with basketball, soccer and then even more soccer! It was truly exhausting!

2010 - Day 23: Is There... issue, Papa?? Love these commercials by Scotiabank so finally took the kids to get their own "Getting There Savings Account" with the free NHL savings tin!

2010 - Day 22: Must Be Nice... be a cat!

2010 - Day 21: The Snack

The after basketball practice snack of a pbj & banana sammich. I hate banana's and find it hard to make these sandwiches but for my son....anything!

2010 - Day 20: The Morning After

The beauty of the frost on the trees was something else this morning on Campus.

2010 - Day 19: Fuzzy

My boy's lookin' a little fuzzy today!