Sunday, November 22, 2009

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay so I got behind. That and I broke our camera while on holiday number 1 and went without for a while. My bad.

I'm pleased to report that on January first, which really isn't all that far away, we will be back to our regularly scheduled program here on Project 365. So stay tuned for more pictures of our life in 2010!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project 365 - Day 151: Nuthin' But Net!

Finally! Thomas (and I) put up Gavin's basketball net as a surprise for him when he came home from Cha-Cha's and a sleepover.

Project 365 - Day 150: Nice Face!

Yeah, 'nuff said!

Project 365 - Day 149: The Drain

Every time you drain the dish water, Boots is there like a bat out of hell. She loves the water when it drains! 'Course she gets there when its gone most of the time but she keeps trying.

Project 365 - Day 148: Got another...

stupid skin rash which is as itchy as all get out.

Project 365 - Day 147: My Little...

...spies. They like to dress up and play spies. Its quite cute.

Project 365 - Day 146: Professor Gavin

Project 365 - Day 145: Beer Can Chicken!

OMG! Best chicken I have ever had. Ever. Delicious!

Project 365 - Day 144: The Gallo Brothers!

Thanks to the Blondeau's and the Gallo brothers for an enjoyable evening playing crib and enjoying a white zinfandel while the kids played outside! It was a late night for them, good thing its summertime!

Project 365 - Day 143: My Boy!

My boy posing for me! He looks so sweet and innocent here...and most importantly, he's quiet!

Project 365 - Day 142: Relaxation!

Maxing relaxin' with popcorn and a movie!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project 365 - Day 141: A Winnipeg Institution!

Took the kids to BDI tonight on the way home from work and Mini University. Its our first visit this summer and although we didn't partake in the creamiest shake, we enjoyed delicious cones and watched the people go by!

Project 365 - Day 140: Kebabs!

These kebabs are things of beauty! For $11, I got 4 hefty kebabs, rubbed with BBQ spice and specially made at Marcello's Meats located at 200 Meadowood Drive in St Vital (Winnipeg for those not in the know). Anyone in the city should check Marcello's out and support local. These were damn tasty indeed!

Project 365 - Day 139: Soccer Practice

An action shot of Q! at soccer practice!

Project 365 - Day 138: The Big Itch

Well, I can't be positive but I'm pretty sure I contacted a poison of the ivy, sumac or oak variety and is it itchy as hell!! If I could have ripped my leg off to gnaw on it today, I would have. Luckily its not a big bout of it. Lizard, I feel your pain and sympathize! (and yes, I got it while geocaching)

Project 365 - Day 137: Muffin Tin Meals

I'd read about muffin tin meals in a few websites and blogs and thought I'd give the kids a "whatever" supper and serve it in a muffin tin. They love this kind of meal and they thought the appearance was quite interesting.

Project 365 - Day 136: My little Helper

Gavin keeps offering to help me clean the bathroom and as much as I appreciate the offer, I keep telling him its really not a job for a 5 year old so I at least let him clean the mirror. It is, after all, mostly his fault that it gets so dirty!

Project 265 - Day 135: The Pool

Acrobatics in the water on a hot day with one of my kids best friends!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project 365 - Day 134: Reading...

...away her fines at the St Vital Library.

Project 365 - Day 133: Happy Canada Day!

What a way to enjoy Canada Day, poolside with friends!

Project 365 - Day 132: Last Day!

Today was the last day of school and it was a sad one for my daughter, especially. She had Mrs Bunkowsky this year who was by far, the best teacher she's had in her young school life! As her gift, we made her a scrapbook page of the barn party that her family threw back in May. I think she really liked it!

Project 365 - Day 131: The Zoo

It was a field trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo for the whole school today!! Luckily it wasn't too hot or else many of the kids would have been miserable. We didn't have tons of time to spend in the actual zoo but we did get to see a few animals, including many peacocks strutting around and showing off their feathers!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project 365 - Day 130: The Pool Party!

Okay, so normally I would refrain of posting this kind of picture but I couldn't resist! Today was Tana's pool party and it wasn't the nicest of days but really, 8 & 9 year olds just don't care. There were many jumping contests and here's the boys striking their pose after the best "Fashion" jump! Too funny!

Project 365 - Day 129: Uncle...

Jim visits from Barrie for the weekend! A family BBQ was had with *way* too much food and a rousing game of Scene It!

Project 365 - Day 128: Father & Son

Project 365 - Day 127: Last Game!

It was the last game and man, was it hot out! There were a lot of red faces on the field this nite. The outcome was a 1-1 tie with a penalty kick in the dying minutes of the game for us to tie it up.

Project 365 - Day 126: Out caching...

...with the Three Stooges! Good times, my friend, good times!

Project 365 - Day 125: Another Day, Another Game!

This was the rematch against the Dakota team that beat us. They were the only team to beat us so far and we all wanted to win and win we did! Yay. Good game, girls! Now we are officially U9 division champs for Bonivital!

Project 325 - Day 124: Soccer Windup!

Gavin's soccer windup was on Monday. They have various stations set up where the kids do different activities and one station included a lesson with "Fred". Fred is awesome and teaches soccer camps and such to the younger kids. It was the first thing Gavin mentioned to me when he came in the door after the windup. That and it was the best windup ever!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Project 365 - Day 123: Silver!

After winning two games in the heat on Sunday, the girls advanced to the final to play Maples, whom they beat in their first game. Unfortunately, Maples had more in their tanks than our Knights did and beat them with a score of 1-0 to take home the Gold medals and the Slurpee Cup trophy! Way to go, Purple, we are so proud of all of you for your efforts!

Project 365 - Day 122: Dunk!

Day 2 of the Slurpee Cup and after winning Game 2, the girls got the opportunity to get the coaches in the hot seat, namely the Dunk Tank! It was a hot day and both Coach Rick and Coach Thomas (Daddy) got to taste the drink!

Project 365 - Day 121: The Slurpee Cup!

Here's the first game of the tournament that our girls are entered this weekend - The Slurpee Cup! The girls won their first game, beating Maples Monarchs 4-2!

Project 265 - Day 120: My Hot Lover!

Ah, Jack....what you do to me...

Project 365 - Day 119: Last Game!

Snack time after the last gamd of the season! Way to go Gav!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Project 365 - Day 118: Things That Make You Go...


Saw this while out geocaching at lunch today.

Project 365 - Day 117: Fort Whyte

These are good times, my friends. Spending the morning with my son's Kindergarten class at Fort Whyte. It was a great day for it. We won't mention the mosquitoes. Saw some pelicans, turtles, geese, went critter dipping. Good times, good times!

Project 365 - Day 116: Talk About Yer Hair!

The day after the French braid came out! Talk about your frizz!

Project 365 - Day 115: Nice....Hat?

Goofing off by the pool with the pool toys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project 365 - Day 114: Off the Board

Here's Tana hitting the water after jumping off the board at swimming lessons for the first time. Apparently she had to jump at Grandma and Grandpa's first!

Project 365: Day 113 - Two for the Price of One!

It was the first time in the pool for them! Gavin was first in. Here's the first pics of each of them jumping for the first time this year!

Project 365: Day 112 - Playing Dead!

I thought he was dead on the fence but apparently he likes to lie and nap there and taunt the cat. I spooked him when I came outside to take a closer picture!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Project 365: Day 111 - That's My Boy

After the incident at soccer last night that really bothered me, this picture is very appropriate. And yes, I cheated and didn't take this picture today but a couple of years ago when I was in Fargo.
I will be blogging about this incident in my other blog in the next day or two.

Porject 365 - Day 110: The Wonder Years

A show that can bring forth the tears when I'm 12 and again at 37 is truly something special and timeless! A favorite and a classic!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Project 365 - Day 109: My Readers!

Now this is a sight that warms my heart! My kids reading with their Papa (though the book that Gavin has is a little beyond his comprehension but he wants to be like his sister and read Warriors too!)

Project 365 - Day 108:

In front of the Manitoba Children's Museum while waiting to pick up Gavin. Notice the newest "addition"!

Project 365 -Day 107: Three Generations!

Of Quinlan men!

Project 365 - Day 106: Bedazzled...

by Bejewelled! The online game I am obsessed with and addicted too. Its always just one more game....and I can't seem to stop. Nor can I seem to get the highest score of all my friends that play.

Project 365 - Day 105: My 2 Goomba's

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project 365 - Day 104: The TV Channel

While watching Marley & Me, Boots all of a sudden noticed the dog on the screen and ambled over to the tv to take a closer look - and proceeded to watch for a few minutes! Too funny!

Project 365 - Day 103: Cat in the...Box?

In my attempt to declutter (albeit slowly), I organized my closet and tidied it up and whilst doing that, Boots decided to make this nearby box her home! You can just barely see her eye in this shot!