Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project 365 - Day 55: On My Walk Back from The Oakwood...

...I saw this cruising along the Red River. I *think* it was a beaver and its just not often you see a beaver cruising down the Red. The mighty high Red, I might add. My walk home after supper was awesome.(not to mention I've introduced new patrons to The Oakwood when the Queen, MHz and I went there a couple of weeks ago)

And at The Oakwood, I ran into 1Q4J (1Queenand4Jokers) who are currently evacuated from their home in Rosenort due to the flood. The Queen and her family are remarkably upbeat for a family that has had to live out of their suitcase in a hotel for the last few weeks and for possibly the next few! My hat is off to them for their positive attitude and being able to keep things in perspective when the going gets tough.

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