Sunday, March 8, 2009

Project 365 - Day 8: 40 Years!!

Today's photo comes from the Al Simmons "Symphonic Shenanigans: Al Simmons with the WSO" that we went to go see today! That's him in the center of the picture with a red vest on.

Al is an entertainer who makes up wacky songs, inventions and costumes! We've seen him a few times before and really enjoy his show's. Today's was not disappointing and it turns out that today is Al's 40th Anniversary to *the day* of when he performed his very first show!
Isn't that crazy? He sang a bunch of my favorites and made me laugh heartily!

If you want to learn more about Al visit his website: Al Simmons

P.S. My first week's layout is in progress and I hope to be finished and have it posted soon.

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