Saturday, March 7, 2009

Project 365 - Day 7: The Sleepover

So tonight was the tonight of the birthday sleepover (its gonna be the night to remember). This year I ix nayed the big birthday party. We compromised and decided on a sleepover party with a few friends, which turned out to be 3, and we will have a pool party in the summer but that won't be a birthday party per se. It'll just be a chance for the kids to get together and swim.

But tonight was the 9th birthday celebration. They played Rock Band, made pita pizza's and watched HSM3. Started off in the tent, but ended up on the couch and contrary to popular belief around my workplace about how I should let them stay up til all hours of the night, they were asleep before 11:15. Unfortunately tonight is the night to turn the clocks ahead so I can just imagine what time they'll be up.

(from left to right) Abby, Delaney, Tana & Kylie

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