Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project 365 - Day 24: The Raging Red!

Well its spring time again in Southern Manitoba and spring in this neck of the woods quite often means flooding and this year is no different.

The Red River has its roots down in the United States and the water flows up from Fargo and Grand Forks to empty into Lake Winnipeg north of Winnipeg. The Red is rising very high, very fast. In 1997, we had a severe flooding situation and many communites built up dikes to help protect their properties. Currently it looks like we will have a situation similar to that which occurred in '97. Many of the communities in and around Morris Manitoba will need to be evacuated when they close the dikes in those areas. I have friends there and I feel for them. This is just another way that Mother Nature tells us who is really boss.

To find out the current flood forecast which is being updated daily go here: Flood Forecast
If you want to learn more about the Red River, visit wikipedia at The Red River

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