Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365 - Day 29: Saurus!

Finally!!! Made it to the Dinosaur Dynasty display at the Manitoba Museum today! It took a while to co-ordinate schedules with Tana's friend Jordan who is really into dinosaurs and fossils and such.

The dinosaurs on display are very cool! They came from China and they came from the different "periods" in Earth's history. There was a Protoceratops, a Tuojiangosauruas and a Mamenchisaurus which was *huge*! The kids even got to do a little dinosaur dig and make dinosaur rubbings! Afterwards, we wandered through the Musuem which I enjoyed. 9 years old is a great age. They don't have to be watched constantly and they're not likely to break anything.

But hurry, the dinosaurs are only on display at the Museum until April 19th. For more info, visit the Museum's website at Manitoba Museum.

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